Publication · Project brief

  • Forest use strategies and their determinants among rural households in the Miombo woodlands of the Copperbelt Province, Zambia. Forest Policy and Economics 111, 102078
    Kazungu, M. et al. 2020
  • Degradation of Ecosystem Services and Deforestation in Landscapes With and Without Incentive-Based Forest Conservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon
    Paúl Eguiguren et al. 2019
    Project brief 06
  • Prospecting future deforestation hotspots in the Ecuadorian Amazonas region under alternative scenarios of governance enforcement
    Melvin Lippe et al. 2019
    Project brief 03

  • Improved governance helps reducing tropical deforestation
    Richard Fischer et al. 2019
    Project brief 02

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